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The Only AI Tools You Need

Updated: Jun 24

There’s 2500+ AI tools on the market.

You don’t need to know about all of them.

All you need are the ones that can help you in your day to day life & work tasks.

Here’s a list of AI for the most common business tasks:

Meeting Notes

Stop taking notes during virtual meetings.

Be present & let AI take it for you with:

Sembly AI

Summarizing Web Pages:

Before you read a long blog article or web page download,

It will provide key points and executive summary in seconds.

Extract Information From PDF’s

Most of us have to read PDF’s and find info. Sometimes they can be really long.

Now you can use AskYourPDF to ask questions to find the info you need in seconds.

Learn from Youtube videos:

Let’s be honest.

We all use Youtube videos to try and learn new topics.

Video podcasts, tutorials, etc.

Youtube Summary Powered By ChatGPT will Youtube videos for you in seconds.

Drafting emails or trying to Reword phrases:

You’ll find tons of different AI tools for emails.

Just use the free version of ChatGPT.

When drafting an email, ask it for variations of ways to say ____.

Then use WordTune to change the tone, length or wording to your liking.

Did you notice a common theme?

AI will do tedious, time consuming work for you IN SECONDS!

With the exception of the Sembly, all of these are free.

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