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People-First AI:
Using AI To Offer Equal Chances for All

This blog is a collection of 2 LinkedIn Newsletter:
AI-For Families
AI-First Companies

How to build AI-First Companies & Careers: The AI-First Mindset

“AI could add $25.6 trillion to the world’s economy”

“300 million full-time jobs could be automated due to AI”

AI is changing everything.

From work to art to entertainment.

↳ every industry is taking advantage of AI.

Becoming a first mover will put you ahead.

Waiting could allow others to make your current skill set or service irrelevant. (harsh reality)

So how do you make sure you end up on the right side of that?

Adopt an AI-first mindset - this applies to business & professionals the similarly.

Here are the steps:

  1. Learn to identify areas you're already engaging with AI. Become a conscious consumer. This will start giving you a better idea on the capabilities and limitations of AI.

  2. Learn to identify opportunities where AI can be leveraged. Repetitive tasks like data analysis, scheduling, content creation or even research. This will enable you to focus on higher-value activities.

  3. Prioritize data and finding the signal among the noise. Stay up-to-date with the latest top AI technologies and best practices. There are lot of garbage tools and advice out there → find what has proven to work and can help you specifically!

  4. Embrace Continuous Learning & Talent development. Develop a growth mindset and actively seek out learning opportunities. Explore online courses, workshops, trainings, certifications and in-person events about evolving technology, data and business. Hackathons are awesome!

  5. Foster innovation & iteration. Perfection at first launch is near impossible. Embrace innovation, rapid experimentation, gathering feedback and improving from it. AI can help you quickly test ideas & hypothesis. 

  6. Focus on Human-AI Collaboration. AI is here to improve, not replace, human capabilities. Focus on developing skills that complement AI, such as creativity, strategic thinking, communication, adaptability and problem-solving. These are becoming increasingly more valuable.

  7. Embrace a future-focused mindset. Recognize that AI and business will change. Having a deep understanding of it’s capabilities and limitations can prepare you for what is still to come.

  8. Differentiate through AI. For businesses, leverage AI to create unique selling propositions and competitive advantages. As a professional, highlight your AI-related skills and experiences. Demonstrate your ability to add value in an AI-driven world.

Who am I and why ?

My name is Jared Bonilla. I’m a Chief AI Officer, AI Advisor and Multipreneur. I’ve helped billion dollar enterprises and startups adopt and implement AI. I’ve also launched several AI companies and developed AI/LLMs products from scratch.

While working with large companies and small businesses, I've seen the difference in adoption first hand.

Large companies are paying top dollar for top AI talent. S

mall businesses are trying to figure it out. 

The difference in results is insane and frightening.

 I’m creating this LinkedIn newsletter to help level the playing field and provide everyone with similar knowledge.

A few of the companies I work for can help you do that:

Find out what tools and use cases are specific to YOUR business.

Find top candidates to build an AI-first company! 

(without looking through resumes) 

Personal Side project:


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