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Find A Career That Fits Your Strengths

All Skills Students will need at one point or another


Careers in technology are not limited to people with a college degree. Learn how to:

✓  Set better goals

✓  Use Google to research like a data scientist

✓  Determine which Career is right for you

✓  Learn any Skill Very fast

✓  Set up a LinkedIn profile and get the most out of it

✓  write a resume

✓  Grow your network

✓  Feel comfortable interviewing


If you’re a student or job seeker interested in starting your journey or improving your skill set:

If you work at Youth Program or Job Center:

Become a JobGenie Partner and guide students into their careers:

Partnership Includes:

✓  Unlimited ebook downloads for past present and future students

✓  2 Workshops to help students find career paths that fit their strengths & interests (Zoom or In Person)

✓  All students will have access to a private slack channel & professional network for constant mentorship, skill training, resume writing, interview, networking and career advice, tips & Q/A

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