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A Whole Family Learning Experience

In-demand AI Skills Training for Parents

Essential life skills in story format for Kids


How it works

Step 1

In less than 30 minutes, grasp the essence of AI: its capabilities, limitations, benefits, and risks.

Discover AI in Your Life

Uncover where you interact with AI  in your daily routine.

Leverage AI Properly

Learn to spot ways to use AI in your daily life

Business Meeting

Step 2

Learn To Speak AI’s Language

Turn prompts into valuable results

Hint - it’s your native language in terms a computer can understand.


Step 3

Turn it into your own personal assistant

Stop doing tasks AI can do for you

As a an educational leader and career advisor, I can now confidently incorporate this newfound knowledge into my practice, enhancing my ability to assist individuals in their career journeys.

Dr. Candice Melton

University Director of Career Services at ECPI University

Super Power Skills For Kids

Skills AI Can't Replace

AI can already do the tasks your kids go to school for → Teach them the things it can’t do!

Helps kids embrace emotions, develop healthy relationships and interpersonal skills.

Written to engage early to middle grade readers through storytelling format.

 (but can be good for all ages, even adults!)

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