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About us

JobGenie is an AI Product Studio that envisions a future where technology literacy is not just a privilege but a right for everyone. Our mission is to democratize AI education, breaking down the barriers of knowledge and opportunity.

How We Help

AI For Newbies

A FREE training course created by experienced AI Developers and Prompt Engineers that equips individuals and organizations with the skills to start leveraging AI immediately. This program includes:

Super Power Skills for Kids

Our children's book series instills skills that AI can't replace – adaptability, creativity, and emotional intelligence. These engaging, Pixar-style stories resonate with both kids and parents, offering valuable life lessons.

  • AI Simplified: Understand the risks and opportunities in AI.

  • Speaking AI: Master the science of prompt engineering.

  • Build a Personal Assistant: Create AI assistants in minutes, no technical experience required.

Our Approach

We provide free, in-demand AI skill training that empowers parents to stay up to date on workplace trends and ensures they equip their children with the essential skills for the future.

Our Impact

The goal of our dual approach – upskilling professionals and enriching children's education – is not just teaching; but shaping the future. We give companies the tools to empower their employees, asking only to invest in their children's development.


It's a unique model, fostering growth in both current and future generations.

Join Us

At JobGenie, every step we take is towards equal opportunities and endless possibilities everyone. Whether you're a business looking to up-skill your team or a parent seeking enriching content for your child, join us on this journey to a smarter, more inclusive world.

Become a part of our mission and earn 10 percent for every book sale you refer.

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